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A Master At Improv – Chris has solid material but loves to respond to the elements of a live audience, often bringing people onstage for a spontaneous interaction that has great results because people sense theyʼre in trustworthy hands: “The comedienneʼs ability to work with audience members was truly astounding; Rich obviously enjoyed the repartee with her audience assistants, yet never lost control of the direction of the skit.” – The Baltimore Sun
Can Read an Audience – Chris knows how to win over any crowd, changing her entire performance at a secondʼs notice to relate to her audience: “Our crowd absolutely adored her. We had men of all age groups from seniors to teen-age boys and every one of them enjoyed her humor. I am still receiving excellent feedback from all who attended. I believe they want to adopt her. ” – Excelsior Consistory, NJ.
Hours of Material – Chris has a wealth of material and keeps the audience with her every step of the way: “I want to thank you for going the “extra mile” for our group (one hour and twenty minutes) WOW! They were laughing as much at the end as in the beginning. You had them in the palm of your hand – it was a pleasure to see how you worked with them. You owned them.” – Rich Costello, Entertainment Manager, Cystic Fibrosis Organization
Clean – “Wow, what a show! You left the audience and myself in stitches! Your material was just perfect for a college group.” – State University of New York. “On behalf of Notre Dame, I would like to congratulate you on an outstanding performance.” “The Department of Defense presents this Certificate of Esteem to Christine Rich for patriotic service in providing entertainment to members of The Armed Forces.”

Huge following– Audiences love Chris and rave about her any chance they get: “Chris Richʼs appearance with us was the most hilarious time weʼve ever had with a comic.” -NJRA “I hired Chris Rich to do a comedy routine for our law firm’s holiday party…she had everybody rolling in the aisles.” – Elzufon, Austin & Drexler, P.A. “Thank you so much for providing The Culinary Institute with the incredible talents of Chris Rich. She is an extremely funny lady and had the whole audience in stitches from her opening joke to her closing routine.” “We could not have asked for a better headline comedian than Chris Rich, she had us laughing non-stop!ʻ – Jeff Schuld, Pop Warner National Football Organizations


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